Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Lullaby

December 15, 2012
Scripture Reading: Philippians 2: 5-11

Advent Lullaby
by Sarah Jinright

Little Baby, light of the world,
How dark this world must seem.
Did You paint Mary's womb with stars
To warm You while You dreamed?
Did You cry at the cold of the midnight air,
Creator of the sun?
Did Your baby eyes know the future of all,
Little Holy One?

Little Baby, You are the door
Through which all men must pass,
To know the mystery of time
That's been like a darkened glass.
When the shepherds came, did You feel a chill
Through the drafty, open stall?
For only wrapped in swaddling clothes
Lay the Holy Lord of all!

Little Baby, Master of all,
A servant You've become.
When Joseph held Your tiny form,
Did You long for Your Father at home?
As You drifted to sleep, did You dream of the day
Your earthly work was done?
When You would return in glory and power—
Jesus, Holy One!

Ten thousand angels sang at Your coming,
And a star shone Your infinite light!
Ancients asleep in the temple
Woke from their dreams that night.
Messiah!” rang the hilltops.
Salvation! God Most High!”
Sleeps in a bed of animal's hay—
Sleeps among men nearby.

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