Sunday, February 13, 2011

Genesis 1

Genesis 1 is a detailed overview of God's creation of our world. I will list mostly facts here (and a few random observations), though as I was reading, I had sundry thoughts come to me regarding the creation versus evolution argument. Those thoughts I will reserve for a separate blog, as no doubt, I will add to them in days to come.

Genesis 1:1--In the beginning GOD. I have always felt it important to stop here and consider. I have a not written in my Bible which states, "The conduct and lifestyle of the individual and society as a whole is determined by their concept of God." Today, as I begin a chronological study of God's Word that will take me at least 7 years to accomplish, this statement expresses the desire of my heart. I want a right concept of God. I want to know His Word. I want to be able to share Him with others. In addition, I also want this concept to be primarily guided by the Holy Spirit. I will be using man-made sources (whether books or internet) minimally.

The basics:
God created the Heaven and the Earth. The earth was without form and void.
Day 1-Light
Day 2-Water and atmosphere
Day 3-Land and plants
Day 4-Sun, moon, and stars
Day 5-Fish and Fowl
Day 6-Land animals, man and woman


1) FALLEN SATAN--I have in my margin notes that some people believe the fall of Satan occurred between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. I suppose this is possible, as it would make sense for this to happen before God created Adam and Eve and set them in the garden. God treasured the people created in his image. If he had an evil, rebellious servant AFTER he created them, why would he toss Satan anywhere NEAR them. Then again, if God did cast Satan there, He knew that He was STILL there as He was making improvements on the earth. This thought isn't that troubling. If he expected Adam and Eve to be obedient in regards to the forbidden tree, He likely expected them to resist the presence of Satan. I know there is more written in regards to this topic, so I will add notes later!

2) DARKNESS--I have always loved the thought that God created darkness before giving us light; it makes light ever so much more marvelous. Think of fireworks. We don't watch them during the day, because the darkness amplifies their beauty.

3) CAUSE AND EFFECT--I also have written in the margin, that "only our God could create the effect before the cause." It's true! God created the light (effect) BEFORE he created the "lighters." Light was created on Day 1; while the sun, moon, and stars, were created on Day 4.

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