Monday, February 14, 2011

Genesis 2

Genesis 2 explains that on the 7th day God rested from his creative labors. The Jewish people modeled their observation of the sabbath after God's example, and later His specific command, that no work should be accomplished--especially that work which was "creative" in nature.

Genesis 2 also goes into detail on the creation of man (from the earth) and woman (from Adam). The chapter explains their environment, their state of perfection, and their God-given boundaries.

Question: What does this word(s) really mean?

Help-Hebrew 5828-"aid" to from root 5826, to surround, protect, or succor
Meet-from the same etymology as above.

Though the words are stated separately, they are presented in the Hebrew as one NOUN. The words are not separate in nature or usage; for instance, "help" as a noun and "meet" as a verb, which would more imply a qualified match. In today's society, when feminism bucks hard against God's good intention for woman, it is important to note the implication of the original language!

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