Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women, God's Perfect Plan

In a day of feminism, I really want to map out God's good intention for women throughout history. I believe that women are mightily blessed in design and in God given roles. This blessing started at the very beginning.

First of all, we were different from the beginning. Eve was created to be a help meet for Adam. I did some research into this word (or words), so I would be sure to understand correctly.

Help-Hebrew 5828-"aid" to from root 5826, to surround, protect, or succor
Meet-from the same etymology as above.

Though the words are stated separately, they are presented in the Hebrew as one NOUN. The words are not separate in nature or usage; for instance, "help" as a noun and "meet" as a verb, which would more imply a qualified match. In today's society, when feminism bucks hard against God's good intention for woman, it is important to note the implication of the original language! God created women to assist, defend, and nourish the men in our lives. As wives we should "have our husband's backs"!

Also, God created woman in a unique way. Adam was made from the earth, and to this day, it seems that the nature of man is more rugged and earthy. Woman was made from man, yes, but more significantly, from his flesh. Is it really any wonder that we are more sensitive (a strength) and also more prone to sensitivity (a weakness)? Truly God is wise! We compliment one another perfectly--man's strength making firm our sensitivities, our sensitivities tempering man's coarseness!

REGARDING ABUSE (future topic I would like to explore Biblically.

I. Men to women

A. Verbal
B. Psychological
C. Physical--woman were taken from man, making them one flesh. It is not natural for either one to physically abuse the other!

II. Women to Men

A. Verbal
B. Psychological
C. Physical

III. When children are involved
IV. The church's response

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