Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Genesis 5

Actually, this post is a continuation of Genesis 4. The end of this chapter details the descendants of Cain and introduces the line of Seth. I want to place these two lines side by side and make an observation.

1) Cain bore
2) Enos (namesake of Cain's city), who bore
3) Irad who bore
4) Mahujael, who bore
5) Methusael, who bore
6) Lamech, (who also committed murder)
who bore through Adah
7) Jabal (father of nomads and cattlemen) and
Jubal (musician)
and through Zillah
7) Tubalcain (brass and iron smith)
and his sister, Naamah

1) Seth to bore
2) Enos, who bore
3) Cainan, who bore
4) Mahalaleel, who bore
5) Jared, who bore
6) Enoch (who walked with God and was not), who bore
7) Methuselah (the oldest man recorded), who bore
8) Lamech, who bore
9) Noah (who found grace in the eyes of the Lord, built the ark), who bore
10) Shem, Ham, and Japheth (fathers of post-flood civilization).

I found it interesting that six generations after Cain murdered Abel, his sin was still affecting his descendants. Cain's great (x5) grandson Lamech killed a man, and harked all the way back to God's protective curse over Cain to defend against his own actions.

On the other hand, when Seth bore a son, the time is marked as when men began to "call upon the name of the Lord. Five generations later, Enoch walked so closely with God that God took Enoch into his presence without the natural occurrence of death! Enoch son must have been influenced by his father's good life, because he lived the longest life recorded. Methuselah's son (ironically, another Lamech), must have been influenced, because he raised a son who found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

The point? What we do in this life does effect the generations to come for the good or for the bad. This has been true from the beginning! I take it as a challenge to raise my children for the Lord, both what I teach them and in the example that I offer everyday. Lord, help them to see me calling on your name and living every day for you!

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