Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Obviously, God's perfect plan for this world did not include sin and violence. However, is violence always a sin? Yes and no. God lays out some laws which specifically prohibit some acts of violence--murder and rape are pretty clearly forbidden.

But what about the context of war? Today, some groups express large objections to the violence that takes place within a war situation. In this case, one must consider, that though God did not ever want violence, violence is the natural result of a society in the grip of sin. Peace has not been a naturally occurring process or an attainable state since the fall of mankind. Also, as I continue my study, I know I will come across situation that God will command his people to war--to accomplish his redemptive purpose on the landscape of history. War also takes place to judge sin. In addition, we are instructed to live under authorities and laws of the land. This obedience to authority sometimes involves acts of war.

I want to go back and note situations in which violence has already occurred in the past five chapters.

1) Animals killed to make clothing for Adam and Eve.

2) Cain killing Abel out of bitterness. This murder had great consequences for Cain, but he was allowed to live. God had not yet set out the "life for a life" standard for mankind.

3) Lamech kills a young man to his hurt.

By chapter 6, God saw that the "wickedness of man was great in all the earth." Violence is clearly the natural consequence of sin. God did not create it, we released it when we disobeyed God.

By chapter 9, there's a development in the discussion on violence. God says in Genesis 9:6, "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man."

I think here are some early thoughts on the topics of MURDER and CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. However, again, I think some would return to the question, how do these issues translate to the war situation for the Christian? What is the mind of Christ on these issues? I intend to continue to study them out. I feel I know how they will come out; however, I want the final comment to come from God's Word and not me!

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