Sunday, March 20, 2011

Times lines--Post-deluvian

I took the time to map out the years following the flood, and the study was definitely worth it. I really gained some perspective for my future readings in Genesis and Exodus.

To begin with, Noah was 500 years old when God told him to start building the ark. After he started the project, his sons were born. Shem was 100 years old three years after the flood started. I am considering the first day of the flood the beginning of year 1 of the Post-deluvian world.

Day 0-Flood begins
Day 40-Rains end
Day 190-Waters prevail upon the earth
Day 191-Ark rests on Mount Ararat
Tenth month--Tops of Mountains visible
40 days more--Noah sent out a raven and a dove
7 days more--the dove departs again
7 days more--the dove goes out and does not return
First day of year one--the water was gone, Noah removes the arks cover
Year 1,Month 2, Day 27--the earth is dry, Noah and his family leave the ark
1--Shem (101) Elam b.
2--Shem (102) Asshur b.
3--Shem (103) Arphaxad b.
138-Arphaxad (35) Salah b.
168-Salah (30) Eber b.
102-Eber (34) Peleg b. Year of Babel
132-Peleg (30 Reu b.
164-Reu (32) Serug b.
194-Serug (30) Nahor b.
223-Nahor (29) Terah b.
393-Terah (70) Abram, Nahor, Haran b.
341-Peleg dies (239)
342-Nahor dies (119)
350-Noah dies (950)
371-Reu dies (239)
379-Abram (86) Ishmael b.
393-Abram (100) Isaac b.
394-Serug dies (230)
428-Terah dies (205)
451-Arphaxad dies (438)
468-Abram dies (175)
471-Salah dies (433)
503-Shem dies (600)
532-Eber dies (464)
573-Isaac dies (180)
583-Israel (Jacob) comes to Joseph in Egypt
600-Israel (Jacob) dies (147)
1000-400 years later, the Israelites leave Egypt (a millenium after the flood)

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